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Why Thin Beauty Ideals are Undermining Women’s Well-Being

Most women I know relate to each other best when discussing how fat they feel.

When summer rolls around, we want to look thin and fit in our bikinis.

As women, we’re constantly dieting. We’re chasing this impossible and perfect body image.

Being accosted with images of thin bodies in the media on a regular basis is damaging our self worth. I’m here to tell you to ditch diet culture.

Chase after optimal health, not ulta-thinness.




Identity: When you die, do you want to be known as the girl who strived for thinness her whole life?

NO! We want to be seen as funny, sharp, loving, and compassionate. The way you look on the outside does not encompass who you are as a person.



Dreams: When you’re investing so much time counting calories and feeling shame after eating each day, you’re squelching your own aspirations, productivity, dreams, and creativity.

It’s going to be that much tougher to reach your goals in life if you’re distracted by body shame and dieting.



Political: The diet industry is making a ton of money from motivating people to fear fatness and hate their bodies.

When we buy in to believing that our bodies are the enemies, we are too distracted to fight for equality. In her book Body Positive Power, Megan Crabbe talks about the history of corsets.

Because women were deprived of oxygen and out of breath, they didn’t have the mental energy to think about changing the system.

Think about the movement we could start if food, calories, dieting, and craving a thin body didn’t take up so much mental real estate.




Worth: We are tricked into believing that we are worthless if we don’t have the perfect body.

Once we lose those last 15 pounds we’ll find love and happiness. Until then, I’m only eating grapes, not going on any dates, and wearing only baggy clothing.

You don’t have to shrink your body to be worthy of love. You’re allowed to take up space in the world. Being aesthetically pleasing is not why you were put on this earth.


You don’t have to be thin. Strive to be healthy for your individual body type. We don’t all have to look the same!

Let’s celebrate body diversity and stop dieting. Imagine a world where you didn’t think about being thin every single day. It looks pretty great doesn’t it?

You have the power to change your mindset. I believe in you!

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P.S. There is a fine line between ideals and healthy living.

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