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Do You Recognize the 4 Early Warning Signs of a Failing Long Distance Relationship?

Long-distance relationships are notorious for being difficult and disappointing.

It takes a lot of effort to stay intimately connected when you’re so many miles apart form your partner. I am not trying to convince you to dump your beloved long-distance partner.

Instead, the aim of this blog post is educate people on why long-distance relationships sometimes (not always) fail.

This way you can understand what you’re getting into or try to work at the issues you’re having in your long-distance relationship.

4. Lack of Love Life



Physical touch is a huge element of a healthy relationship. Without it, you can only rely on your words.

How often have you had a bad day and then felt better when your partner gives you a hug or kiss?

Your partner can comfort you by holding you and loving you. In a long-distance relationship you might not be getting your physical needs met.

3. Not On Same Page



Forget the major time zone issue for a second, sometimes it can feel impossible to catch your partner on the phone.

You want to chat but your partner is still at work. When he/she finally calls back you’re already out at a bar with friends.

Because you don’t have each other’s presence or physical touch, all you have is communication. When you can’t get a hold of each other, things start to go south pretty quickly.

2. Changing Separately




Being in a new city surrounded by new people will change you.

The influence of your environment might not be obvious to you, but your partner may notice how much you’ve changed.

When you’re not undergoing the same experiences it is easy to grow apart.

1. When Will I See You Next?



 If you don’t have a date set for when you will see each other next, the heavy weight of the long-distance relationship can seem infinite.

If work and finances allow for it, visit each other as often as possible.

Soon after your partner leaves you should look into when you’ll see him/her next. This way, you can look forward to the next time you’ll see other.


If you can weather the storms of a long-distance relationship, you two can probably survive anything!

Now that you understand the harrowing nature of long-distance, you can prepare yourself. If you’re currently in a long-distance relationship but want to make it work, these are issues to address.

I wish you immense joy and satisfaction in your relationship!

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