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To Those Who Want to Stop Stress Eating But Don't Know Where to Start

We are all guilty of reaching for the potato chips or cookies during times of stress.

After all, food is comforting. However, it can become problematic to use food as a coping skill.

It’s unhealthy to fuel your body with processed junk food. Check out this list of things to do instead of eating comfort food.

5. Movement


Sometimes you just need to move around. Go for a walk, do some yoga and gentle stretches, dance, or lift weights.

Humans are inclined to feel happiness when engaging in eating and movement. Instead of eating, why not pick the other one?

4. Activity


Eating food may just be a distraction. Instead, you could clean the house, go shopping, or doodle.

When we are bored, we often want to munch on something. Fight that desire by choosing to do something else.

It could even be something productive like running errands or doing more work.

3. Talk to a Friend


Maybe you just feel lonely and need to chat with a loved one.

Hearing the voice of a close friend or family member can really elevate your mood and combat feelings of loneliness.

Call a friend to cheer you up when you’re feeling blue.

2. Journal


Journaling can be an excellent coping skill and resource.

You’re venting about your feelings, which can give you a deep insight into yourself. You may be able to learn more about your mood when you have cravings for junk food.

Are you lonely, bored, or tired? This reflection can help you stop your habit.

1. Project


Get lost in something you really love. Get back into that project that you’ve put off for so long, like making a mosaic or writing that song.

You can learn a new hobby that you’ve always wanted to learn, like learning how to yo-yo or play tennis.

When you’re concentrating on something else and having fun, you won’t be thinking about food.


Eating so much fat, sugar, and salt can do damage to your heart and waistline.

It is so difficult to break out of a pattern, like sitting down to watch television and eating a bag of popcorn, but it is possible.

You will feel and look better when you’re nourishing yourself with proper meals.

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