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To People That Want to Express Anger in a Healthy Way But Can't Get Started

We need to respect the range of negative emotions, including anger.

Where would our world be today if nobody experienced righteous anger? Anger motivates change from an individual to a global level. Our culture teaches us to suppress and ignore our angry feelings, but this can be dangerous.

When anger is not expressed in a constructive way, it can escalate into a disaster. I put together a list of ways to express anger in a healthy way so you can refer to it as soon as you begin to feel this emotion bubble to the surface.

6. Scream

Scream out your emotion. Scream into a pillow, scream in your car, or scream in the shower.

Make sure no one is around or they might get scared!

Pretend like you’re in Home Alone and let out a shrill shriek. This can help you move through your anger.

5. Tennis Racquet


Hit your pillow or couch with a tennis racquet.

Make sure you don’t break anything!

The physical sensation of whacking something can be helpful. By the time you’re finished you’ll be worn out and exerted all of that pent up energy.

4. Vent


Your friends or therapist probably want to know what’s going on, so dish the details!

Life is a sad and lonely place if you feel like you can’t rant to your best friends about what’s bothering you.

As long as you don’t make it a habit, venting can be a great way to purge your angry emotion.

3. Pretend


Imagine that the person that you are angry with is sitting across from you. You can yell, you can vent, you can cry.

You can do or say whatever you want! This is a healthy way to keep your anger from festering inside you.

If you do want to sit down with the person in the future, this can be a great practice.  After time passes, you might feel that you’re able to calmly discuss your feelings.

2. Write a Letter


Talking is not the only way to cleanse yourself from a destructive emotion. Get out a piece of paper and address it to the object of your anger.

Don’t hold back anything! When you’re finished you can hold on to the letter, recycle it, or throw it in the fire place. You released your anger and now you can move on!

1. Get Creative




Sing, dance, or go to a kickboxing class! There are so many ways to express anger in a creative way. If movement helps you release anger, then get out and go for a jog.

If making artwork helps you cope, then get out the paints and oil pastels. Engage in whatever creative endeavor speaks to your creative personality.


You are entitled to experience anger. This emotion is not wrong.  The way you express it speaks to who you are as a person.

When you feel your jaw and fists clench and your heart begin to race, your body is trying to tell you that something is not right.

Don’t accept the way you’re being treated by a friend or your boss if it’s not appropriate. Don’t accept the travesties and injustices in the world around you. Do something about it.

But first, you need an outlet to release the destructive nature of the anger. I hope this list helps you express you anger in a healthy way.

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