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The Importance of Planning Out Your Days

Some people may appear to be better at planning ahead than others, but social comparison should not deter you from taking on this exciting challenge.

Like flexibility, if you practice you will improve.

Once you see tangible benefits, it will become an ingrained habit, like brushing your teeth.

Getting Started


There are numerous ways to plan your days.

You can write to-do lists, so you can get that satisfaction of crossing something off your list.

If you’re more visual, you can hang a calendar in a visible spot.

Or, you can grab a blank piece of paper and write down what you want to accomplish.

Take fifteen minutes to plan your days and it will pay off!

Increased Productivity


Let’s talk about the obvious benefit – productivity!

By scheduling how much time you’re going to spend on each task, you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it.

We’ve all gotten sucked into an Internet vortex.

Oops, I didn’t mean to spend thirty minutes looking at cat videos on YouTube or scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed!

Planning will allow you to better utilize your time.



Feeling a sense of balance is a common result of planning your days.

You can plan for time to engage in a creative pursuit, be alone, go for social outings, learn something novel, journal, exercise, and work.

Without planning for everything, necessary aspects of your life can become neglected.

This can throw off your center of gravity, which can be difficult to re-balance.

Lowers Stress


Your level of stress will plunge.

Create an action plan to prepare for a crisis and your average obstacles.

Prepare for a visit from your mother-in law, your best friend’s birthday bash, that lengthy conference call, your child getting ill.

Feeling prepared will allow you to better manage your stress levels.

That Feeling of Accomplishment


Nothing can elevate your self-esteem and overall happiness like a booming sense of accomplishment.

It is a powerful and all-consuming feeling.

Crossing off your calendar or checking something off your to-do list can be immensely rewarding.

You did it! Accomplishment has the potential to make you feel capable of handling life in the best way.

The greatest part? Your own efforts got you there.

Improves Your Overall Health



When you plan, you will most likely see an improvement in your physical and mental health.

As a consequence of planning your days, you are exercising more and eating a more nutritious diet.

You actually scheduled the time to go to the grocery store, cook, and go to the gym instead of spending all day on upcoming work projects or watching TV.

As time goes on, you are getting outside in sunshine, journaling, meditating, engaging in a creative hobby.

Of course, your mental health will improve as well.


I hope this description of the importance of planning your upcoming days motivates you.

If you just take a little bit of time to plan ahead, your life could dramatically improve.

In addition to being more productive, you’ll become happier and less stressed out, a recipe for a beautiful life.

Thanks for reading!

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