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Stuck in a Rut? Here's 5 Easy Ways to Bounce Back from Failure

The desire to succeed is a natural instinct.

However, failure does not always have to bring tears, slammed doors, and a sense of worthlessness.

It can be an agent for positive change.

When we want to progress, we will fail from time to time. It’s time to dust yourself off and get back in the saddle.

That’s when healthy transformation occurs. I put together this list of ways to bounce back from failure so you can grow from your setbacks.

5. Attitude


Attitude is so important when it comes to failure. Shift your perspective to one that is more positive.

Remember, no one has gotten anywhere without failing a few times!

Do you think Michael Jordan was a pro the first time he went on the court? Do you think John Lennon from The Beatles could strum every note perfectly the first time he picked up a guitar? No!

Instead of feeling doomed, use your attitude to motivate you to keep on going.  

4. Support Network


Lean on your friends when you’re down

You have been there for them and now it’s time to let them be there for you. Your team of loved ones wants to help you overcome this hurdle.

They might inspire you in profound ways or give you helpful feedback so you can improve.

Developing a support network can decrease your stress levels and bolster your self-confidence.

3. Take Responsibility


Stop making excuses and recognize the part that you played in your own failures.

There may be many reasons why it is your fault, but try to take some responsibility. Instead of blaming other people or life circumstances, hold yourself accountable.

Recognizing your mistakes and patterns can allow you to grow and change for the better.

2. It’s Not Forever


Feeling like a failure can leave you feeling blue, but it is fleeting.

Your emotional state is never constant.

Remember the last time you reached a low point? It didn’t last forever. This time is no different.

No matter how hard it is raining, the sun will return at some point.

1. Have Fun!



It might seem difficult to have fun while failing, but you can do it!

Mastering a new skill takes time and effort, but there has got to be some reason why you keep on going. You probably enjoy your pursuits a little bit!

Focus on the ways that this new challenge brings joy into your life.

Learning something new can be pleasurable even if you’re not good at it initially. It’s okay to fail and still have a good time.


When you’re having fun, getting constructive criticism from friends, and viewing failure as an opportunity, you are bound to grow from your failures.

Try not to get defeated. Every single one of us has failed and made mistakes in life. Being instantly good at something would be no fun.

There would be no sense of accomplishment without hard work. It can feel so rewarding to channel your energy into self-improvement.

Don’t give up! You’ll bounce back from this setback and be a stronger person because of it.

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