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Little Known Ways to Have Meaningful Conversations

Talking to others is essential to preserving a balanced life and working through your various thoughts and emotions.

Without effective communication and meaningful conversations, the world would collapse into confusion and dread.

Conversations don’t have to be serious or lengthy to count as meaningful.

I hope you enjoy this list of ways to have more meaningful conversations.

4. Etiquette

Don’t interrupt people or interrogate them; that is just rude!

Show interest in what others are saying by asking them follow-up questions.

Smile and hold eye contact when someone opens up. Give verbal or nonverbal encourages that show that you’re actively listening, such as nodding, leaning in, or saying “mhmm,” as the person shares.

When it feels as though others are becoming disengaged, let the conversation end.

3. Cut the Small Talk

If the occasion calls for it, share personal life stories instead of engaging in pointless chitchat.

These idiosyncratic anecdotes will allow your unique personality to shine through.

Ask questions so others feel welcome to share personal stories about themselves. This way, you’re getting to know each other and building a relationship.

2. Don’t Be in a Rush


Allow time for conversations. If you’re always rushing by, people will not approach you.

You’re not going to have the time to listen about someone’s day or be able to share about your day if you barely had time to make your coffee in the morning.

Get up a little earlier and plan for traffic and mishaps so you can be a more compassionate conversationalist.

1. Open-Mindedness


When you cling on to your beliefs so much that you don’t let others explain their perspective, it is off-putting.

Being passionate about your opinions is no crime, but being intolerant is a nightmare for the person at the other end of the conversation.

Try to be open-minded and allow others to share their views. You might learn something!


I hope these tips on how to have more meaningful conversations help you deepen your relationships.

Invite others to share about their personal lives, actively listen, and keep an open-mind. Learning to be approachable and asking engaging questions can be enjoyable.

These tips will help you move beyond topics about the weather, and really dig deep so you can reach people’s hearts.

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P.S. Another great way to stay engaged in conversation is to make sure you have a good night's sleep.

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