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Here's Why You Should Never Settle For Less

Settling for less than what you deserve is unacceptable. You deserve the world.

Whether it’s your career, your relationship, or your life goals, you can shoot for the stars!

Today I am going to share with you a few reasons why you should never settle for less. When you do this, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

If you allow yourself to be treated like you’re not good enough then you’ll start to believe it and begin to squander your potential.

Comfortable Does Not Equal Happy


When you settle for less and never break away from your comfort zone, you’re not going to feel good.

So what will allow you to feel that sense of fulfillment and happiness? When you take risks, go on adventures, and push yourself to do things that you previously thought were impossible.

Confining yourself to “the norm” and always doing what is expected won’t give you a healthy challenge.

It’s too easy to coast through life, but it won’t make you feel alive.



When you push yourself to do things that are “out of the box,” you’ll feel so proud of yourself. You’ll feel accomplished and successful.

When you form a goal and achieve it you’ll be overjoyed! You’ll believe that you are strong and capable.

You’ll welcome challenges rather than fear them, which will set you up to be able to handle the stressors of life.



If you settle for a mediocre job or life partner you’ll feel resentful.

During holidays, your family members will talk passionately about their amazing jobs. You’ll see your best friend who married the love of his or her life.

As hard as you might try, you won’t be able to be happy for your loved ones because you’ll wish that you had their lives. You’ll wish that you didn’t marry someone who treats you terribly and you’ll wish you didn’t choose a job that doesn’t pay well that you truly hate.

Don’t let yourself live a life of utter resentment. Make some life changes!

You’re a Rock Star!


Whenever that voice in your head tells you that you’re not good enough, you need to adamantly disagree!

You’re enough. You’re more than enough.  You’re worthwhile.

Write down your strengths or sit in a quiet place and silently say a few positive affirmations such as “I forgive myself for my mistakes. I am only human.”

Or, you could say “I know I will achieve whatever I set my mind to.”

If you say it to yourself enough times, you’ll begin to believe it.

Do not let anybody make you feel small or undeserving. You’re a rock star and you deserve to be treated like you matter.




If you settle for less then you’re allowing your dreams to slip through your fingertips. You’re squandering your own potential.

Don’t lose sight of your vision. Don’t let people tell you that your goals are stupid and not worth pursuing. They’re wrong.

Ask yourself what drives you? What makes you tick? What makes you excited to get up in the morning? What gives you purpose and meaning?

Don’t let the voice of others, like a boss or a mean romantic partner, cloud your dreams and aspirations. Follow your heart!


Life is too precious to waste it away doing things that you hate or spending time with people that make you feel bad.

You’re meant to live this life to the fullest.

You’re a rock star with a lot of potential, so get out of your comfort zone, live up to your fullest potential, and accomplish your goals. I believe in you!

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