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Here Are Foods That Are Helping People With Digestive Issues Feel Good About Eating Again

Whether you have a gastrointestinal disorder or you’re having some temporary stomach issues, it can never hurt to learn more about foods that are easy to digest.

There are some foods that cause gastric distress, cramping, flatulence, or pain.

You may be able to pinpoint which foods are giving you unpleasant symptoms, but sometimes it is tricky to identify the culprit.

I hope this blog sheds some light on which foods you can safely consume without concern that it may upset your stomach.

5. White Rice



We all need starch and carbohydrates for energy. When considering which grain to choose, opt for white rice.

While brown rice might appear to be healthier, white rice is easier for the stomach to digest. Brown rice contains phytates and lectins, which bind to minerals and vitamins making it a difficult grain to absorb.

It also contains the bran and germ part of the grain, which can agitate the digestive tract.  

4. Steamed Vegetables



You need to consume fiber, but if your stomach is hurting, don’t eat raw vegetables.

Your stomach is craving soft foods rather than solid foods. When solid food slides down your intestines, it can scratch the digestive lining.

This is not normally a problem in a healthy person, but if you have inflammation or bacteria, solid foods can cause diarrhea, pain, and stomach distress.

Instead, steam your vegetables for a long time until they’re soft and mushy or sauté them using water. Give your stomach a break from difficult-to-digest olive oil or coconut oil.

3. Bone Broth



Bone broth is filled with nutrients that help protect your gut wall. It contains electrolytes, calcium, and collagen, a protein that helps with soft-tissue formation.

It contains amino-acids such as glutamine, which helps aid digestion. It particularly helps with a condition called leaky-gut syndrome, which is when one has a permeable gut lining and cannot properly digest food.

Also, you can cut up some vegetables and add them to the bone broth to make your daily veggie intake a bit tastier.

2. Kimchi



Kimchi is fermented cabbage. This Korean dish that is a natural probiotic that helps keep a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut.

It will help give you regular, solid bowel movements each day. In addition, kimchi has been shown to help with weight loss and boost the immune system.

It has a bit of a kick, so if spice gives you trouble watch out!

1. Ginger Tea



Our ancestors have been using this spice for thousands of years. It is used to relieve symptoms of nausea and gastric discomfort.

Consuming too much ginger can backfire and lead to more digestive problems. Only consume small amounts of ginger.

Having one cup of ginger tea per day is the perfect dose to promote digestive health and help ease your stomachache.


Hopefully, this list of foods will help ease your stomach troubles.

It can be difficult to understand which food is causing you pain; it can take days or weeks for symptoms to become present after eating a food that doesn’t agree with you, like dairy or gluten.

Make sure to speak with your general practitioner if your symptoms are severe or persistent. I wish you and your loved ones optimal health!

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