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Get The Best Sleep of Your Life Tonight With These 5 Easy Steps

No one likes to start their day feeling exhausted and worn out.

To get adequate rest, you need to have good sleep hygiene.

Just follow a few of the following adjustments to profoundly impact the quality of your sleep.

5. Your Room


Make sure you are sleeping in a dark, quiet space that is not too hot or too cold.

Your room should be an appealing place for a deep slumber. Invest in a white noise machine or a fan to block out the sounds of traffic or conversation. Get some heavy-duty curtains or shades to keep artificial or natural light out so you can sleep soundly through the night.

For optimal sleep, you should keep your room around 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Exercise


When you work out in the day, you’ll be tired at night. Get your heart rate up and make sure you’re sweating!

Regular exercise can enhance sleep quality.

However, make sure you don’t exercise too late in the day. After a long late-night workout, it will be more challenging to get your pumping adrenaline back down to a normal level.

3. Screens


The blue light from your smartphone or computer is confusing your brain.

If you begin watching a TV show on your laptop at ten pm, your brain thinks it is still daytime and you’ll have difficulty falling asleep.

In order for natural melatonin production to occur in your brain, which tells your brain it’s time for sleep, you should shut off these devices.

2. Caffeine


Caffeine activates your nervous system, which makes you more alert and energized.

It can stay in your system for up to 8 hours. If you want a better night’s sleep, don’t drink coffee after 3pm.

If you’re having a lot of difficulty falling asleep, skip your morning Cup of Joe altogether.

1. Late Night Snacking


When you eat right before bed, your brain will not produce sleep-signaling melatonin and you’ll have difficulty falling asleep.

Eat the last of your dinner (and dessert) two to three hours before you get in bed.

Certain foods that leave a bad taste in your mouth or cause acid reflux and heartburn are not good for digestion and will make it more difficult to sleep at night.


Too often, people will forgo a good night’s sleep.

You’ll sweat at the gym and cook nutritious meals, so how come you won’t make a few simple changes to help you get better sleep at night?

After all, your mood will improve and so will your work productivity and performance.

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