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For Those Who Want to Get Organized But Don't Know Where to Start

Organization is key to a successful and fruitful life.

Without it no one would be able to get anything done, work would pile up, time would be wasted, important things would get lost, no one would be on time, and the world would crumble!

Utilize the tips I discuss in this blog if you want to get more organized. You can finally start that project you’ve dreamed of for years, become more efficient at work, expand your network, or build a business.

Organized people aren’t born that way; they have a set of organizational strategies.

5. Calendar



Writing things down in your calendar or planner will help you out immensely.

Don’t rely on your memory! Instead, write everything down.

Just because you’re writing things down and making plans doesn’t mean you’re neglecting spontaneity. There are open spots in your week that you can let loose and relax or have an adventure.

When you are planning ahead and writing things down, you’re less likely to miss an important appointment, deadline, or meeting.  

4. Make Back-Ups



Sometimes, things go wrong. Computers break and documents are lost forever.

Make sure to save a back-up copy of all of your important documents. There are many ways to do this.

Purchase a flash-drive and upload your work. Make sure to keep the flash-drive in a spot where you won’t lose it.

You can burn copies of your documents onto a CD.

There’s an even simpler method: going online. Save everything to Dropbox or store it on iCloud. You can always email a few word documents to yourself.

3. Keep Your Work Area Tidy



Having a clean workspace is essential. How can you expect to brainstorm innovative ideas, think critically, or work on important documents when your desk is an absolute mess.

A cluttered room is a cluttered mind. When you’re finished reading this, do a deep clean.

Remove all of the pointless knickknacks and stacked up junk. Each day, take a few minutes to tidy up your space so you can sit down each day to a clean desk.

2. Don’t Procrastinate




When you leave things for the last minute you’re playing with fire. Things can go wrong.

What if you have to go to urgent care or your computer breaks? You thought you could just save the project for another time, but now you’re out of luck.

Do you really want to work with the deadline looming over your head? You might be more creative and productive if you’re not working under pressure.

It takes time to form your ideas and get going. You could be underestimating the difficulty of the task. Allow for extra time by beginning projects soon after they are announced.

1. Designate Responsibilities



When you have too much work to do, you need to delegate some responsibilities to others.

If you are in a position where you are able to dole out tasks to people, go ahead. If you’re not, you need to go to your boss and ask for help.

If you cannot complete the task on your own, speak up.

In many cases, two heads are better than one. Sharing the workload and responsibilities can make businesses run more smoothly and efficiently.


When you’re managing your time and staying organized, you’ll thrive in your business and in life.

No one ever says, “I wish I was less organized.”

You’ll never regret confronting your obstacles and becoming an organized, successful person.

Adopting a few of the habits in this blog could make a difference.

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