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Don't Go On Another Date Without Reading This First

Whether you’re meeting this person for the first time or you’ve gone out a handful of times, there are certain self-care habits that you should never neglect before a date.

And no, I’m not talking about stalking your date on social media! I’m talking about looking and feeling like your best self.

If you follow these tips, you’re more likely to have an enjoyable and successful date.  

5. Clean Yourself



For the love of god, brush your teeth and take a shower! No one wants to get up close and personal with someone who has poor hygiene.

Your date might be put off if you smell like feet or if you have a giant piece of spinach in your teeth.

Put on some deodorant, brush your teeth, shower, wash your hands, and check yourself out in the mirror. Make sure you’re looking good before you walk out the door!

4. Eat a Snack Beforehand



If you enter the date with a growling stomach, you’re not going to be fully focused on what your date is saying.

You’ll be concerned about gobbling up your plate of food. It’s okay to be a little bit hungry before a dinner date, but if you’re absolutely ravenous it might be uncomfortable for both parties.

Eat a protein bar or a handful of nuts before you go out.  (Then brush your teeth!)

3. Find Something Nice To Wear


Spotting dirt, grass stains or holes on the clothes of your date is unattractive. You want to look presentable.

When you look like you don’t care at all, your date might feel hurt. He or she might be thinking “Wow, they didn’t put any effort in to see me.”

Plus, they might feel embarrassed if they wore something nice.

If the occasion calls for a nicer outfit, make sure to go shopping or go through the clothes in your closet to make sure you have something appropriate. If you don’t, go shopping! I’m sure you’ll wear the outfit again.

2. Eat a Mint



Kissing someone or having an intimate conversation with someone with terrible breath is foul!

Go get a pack of tic-tacs, altoids, icebreakers, mentos, or a pack of gum. Bring them along with you in your purse or pocket so you can pop one in your mouth after eating a meal.

You can offer one to your date as well!

1. Don’t Forget Your Wallet!



Please make sure you bring some cash with you on the date. If you suddenly realize that you forgot you wallet and can’t pay for you drink or meal, your date will be angry.

Sure, we are all absent-minded from time to time, but your date is forming an impression of you. You don’t want to be misrepresented.

Make sure to grab your wallet before you head out the door. Your house keys, wallet and perhaps your car keys are pretty much the only things you need, so don’t forget them.


I hope this list of things to do before your date has proven to be beneficial for you.

Having proper hygiene, a breath mint in your pocket, a full stomach, your wallet, and presentable attire will help you have a great date!

Other than that, bring your natural charm and charisma. Be yourself!

Good luck with your future dates. I hope it works out between you both.

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