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7 Healthy & Easy New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year again! 

New Year's is tonight, and it's up to you to make sure 2019 is going to be full of happiness, health, and strength!

Here's 7 healthy, and more importantly easy New Year's resolutions! 

7. Eat More Fruit


Eating more fruit has a multitude of positive effects on your body and mind.

Winter citrus helps your skin to look healthy, Vitamin C aids with your immune system, and potassium for your muscles!

(Because we all know you'll be working out for the New Year, right?) ;)

6.  Eat Vegetables Regularly


Since we were kids we were told to eat our vegetables, and for a good reason!

The deeper the green the better, according to Doctor Oz.

Plus, it's a sure fire way to cut weight fast.

5. Share Your Resolutions Personally


Sharing your resolutions with someone in person makes you more likely commit to them.

Keeping up with this person helps even more.

So get crazy, look for radical self-improvement! And then hold yourself accountable with somebody else.

4. Get a Plant or Two


Getting a plant can help you with other, more serious responsibilites in your life.

Remembering to water your little fella is proven to help you remember other important things you have to do that you might have forgotten otherwise.

3. Sanitize Your Phone Regularly


Not many people realize that the dirtiest object on the planet is their phone.

On average, we check our phone 47 times a day, which means there's about 10 times as much bacteria as most toilet seats.

A simple Lysol Disinfectant wipe can do the trick.

2. Take Up Yoga with Your Partner


Taking up yoga with your partner not only increases your personal health, but also your combined sex life.

You tend to get more comfortable with each other's bodies, your minds relax, and your pelvic muscles strengthen.

1. Volunteer



We all know that cuddling up in bed in front of our laptops is comforting, easy, and satisfying.

But wouldn't you rather spend an hour and a half playing with kittens and puppies? You can if you volunteer at an animal shelter.

They usually have you go thru some animal handling class, but once you're done with that, you can play with as many kittens as you want.


Well, that's the last blog post of 2018!

Thank you so much for reading this year, I'm looking forward to improving your life in 2019!

See ya next year,
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P.S. A good night's sleep should definitely be on your resolution list - ensure it with our Sleep Buddy!

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