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6 Free Date Ideas That Aren't Lame

Dating is funny. When you first start dating somebody, it's nerve-racking and exciting. After dating for a while, it's just something you have to do.

No matter what stage of the game you're in, you're eventually going to have to think of new ideas.

Seeing as we're all trying to save money for the New Year, let's run through some free date ideas that you and your date will actually enjoy.

6. Go to Your Local Food Market and Hunt for Free Samples


This is fun and funny. I do this with my girlfriend all of the time, and we always leave with a full belly.

Sometimes the vendors catch on, but they usually don't, so don't worry about 'getting in trouble'. This however can lead to a little excitement in the relationship.

Just think of it as a free buffet.

5. Go the the Museum at Night


A bunch of museums offer free admission on certain days or after certain hours.

This is super fun, and honestly spooky. It's free admission most times because it is the day of the week where nobody is there.

Imagine being in one of those dark nocturnal animal exhibits with nobody else around except for the two of you... Guys, this is better than going to a scary movie. Trust me.

4. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter


I swear this is the world's hidden gem.

Animal shelters are always looking for volunteers to spend time with the animals. This is because the more accustomed they are to humans, the friendlier they become, and the more likely they will be adopted.

There is nothing a girl would like more than to spend the afternoon with a bunch of puppies or kittens, for free! 

3. Dress Up & Go to Expensive Open Houses


This is absurd, but will get you in less trouble than being caught pool hopping.

It's an excuse for you both to get all dressed up and fancy, and also a way to experience an environment you normally wouldn't.

Pro Tip: They usually have really good free food floating around.

2. Test Drive Your Dream Cars


This is similar to the open houses in the sense that you kind of have to get dressed up to be taken seriously with this kind of thing.

If you think about it, Ferrari and Porsche dealers don't get that many sales, so they will jump on anyone 'interested' in making a purchase.

Again, just like the open houses, the dealerships have awesome free food & coffee.

1. Have an Insta-Date


Charge up both of your phones and head out to one of the aforementioned locations to show all of your followers how much fun you're having together.

This is an excellent way to show commitment to each other, build each other's social following, but mainly to look cool & have fun.

I guarantee you that if you're looking for a good location for a picture, you will find even more cool spots and activities you normally wouldn't have seen.


Thanks for reading, I hope your New Year is abundant with love & dates!

Have a great day,

Author / Yoga Instructor / Ice Man
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