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6 Easy Ways to Commit to Your New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I'm sure you've been in the gym, eating healthier, working harder, all those excellent resolutions.

But just like any new habit, it's difficult to make it stick!

Here's a quick list of ways that I commit to my resolutions successfully every year.

6. Commit to Committed People



Spending your time with other people who are committed to the same resolutions as you helps both of you.

It's called synergy; you working with other people creates something beneficial for everybody that is greater than you all individually.

Commit to them via text, calls, whatever; but most importantly, commit to yourself.

Even more important than this is to commit to not spending time with time-wasting people. This can be difficult, as sometimes they are people you truly care about.

But look at it this way; if you pull away from them and greatly improve yourself, you create the potential to inspire them to better themselves.

5. Keep Yourself and Space Clean



Like the old saying goes, when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do great things.

Regularly taking care of personal hygiene & liking what you see in the mirror increases your confidence, and therefore dopamine.

Keeping your living and working space clean promotes a clear head with laser-sharp focus.

Bring these two things together regularly will make you dominate your every day life, and continue any commitments you set for yourself.

4. Regularly Reflect on Your Progress



Taking time to pat yourself on the back and continually track your progress always leads to greater progress.

Consistently seeing how much you've improved gives the brain a dopamine rush from long-term gratification.

It's the opposite of instant gratification; much more difficult, but oh so much more satisfying.

The way I do this is keeping a daily journal where I record my long term goals, what I have to get done to do them, and crossing them off once they are done.

3. Take Time for Yourself and Mother Nature



Although I am huge on hustling and making things happen, it is important to take time for yourself.

I am not talking about a Netflix binge or a night out at the bars, but rather spending time with yourself and nature.

Unplugging from the machine world and recharging in the real world has profound effects on your mental well-being.

I mean no exaggeration when I say recharging - top this off with being in nature barefoot, you will experience clarity of mind and relaxation unparalleled.

2.  Reduce or Eliminate Distractions & Time Wasters



This one can be tough, because it's radically honest.

Go through a regular day, and figure out which things are huge time wasters. For me, it's the usual suspects; Facebook, Instagram, & Snapchat.

Once you've found your major distractions, begin to slowly ween them off, or you can just schedule a time in your day dedicated to these distractions after you've completed your important tasks.

1. Regularly Remind Yourself Why You Began on This Path



If you haven't yet, take a few minutes to dig deep into yourself and figure out what you really want, and why you really want it.

Again, be radically honest with yourself. What would make you get out of bed happily? What drives you? What is your perfect day?

Think about these things, write them down, and whenever you feel like giving up, open your list and remind yourself of the life you want to create.


Thanks for reading!

Whatever you feel like you want to do in 2019, do it! I believe in you!

Here's to a new year full of happiness, health, & strength!

Author / Wildman / Ice Man
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