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How You Can Learn to Enjoy Your Alone Time Almost Instantly

If you have too much alone time, you might begin to feel lonely and isolated.

If you don’t get enough alone time, you might feel overwhelmed and depleted.

It’s tricky to find that sweet spot, that delicate balance of alone time and social interaction.

When you do achieve that balance, your alone time can feel like heaven.

I created a list of five ways for you to enjoy your much deserved alone time.

5. Find an Activity that Brings You Positive Emotions


There are so many activities that can bring any number of positive emotions.

Meditation can help you feel gratitude and relaxation.

Reading a book can help you feel inspired and connected to characters.

Playing tennis or painting a picture can bring you joy and satisfaction.

Experiment with many different hobbies and find a few that you truly enjoy.

You might not be the best at initially, but that’s okay!

4. Get out in Nature


Being surrounded by the beauty of the natural world can leave you awestruck.

Whether or not you’re looking at a mountain, or a flower, mother earth has so many miracles to offer.

Being in natural sunlight and away from the distraction of technology will help you let go of thoughts of looming deadlines at work or other personal problems.

You can be more in the now and feel fully connected.

3. Enjoy the process


You probably won’t enjoy your walk very much if you’re only focused on getting from point A to point B.

Try to enjoy the process of whatever it is you are doing, rather than focusing on the end result or the destination.

Try to quiet that voice that is hyper-focused on achievement, and instead, trust the process and enjoy the journey.

2. Timing is Everything

Put it on the calendar!

Carve out a quiet time when you won’t be distracted or busy and when you know you can fully be alone.

The act of writing it down in the calendar can really motivate you to actually seek out that alone time.

1. Creativity


Alone time is the birthplace of creativity.

When you’re lost in your own thoughts, innovation occurs.

Best-selling books have been written, businesses have been designed, and great ideas have been solidified.

Let your imagination run wild!


You don’t have to be an introvert to enjoy alone time.

Whether you covet it or don’t love it at the moment, I hope this list helps you find some peace while being alone.

If you ever have to justify finding some alone time, just turn to this list!

Have a beautiful day,

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