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5 Simple Ways to Boost Happiness That Works for Everyone

We all get stuck in a rut sometimes and don’t know how to get out. Feelings of helplessness, loneliness, and sadness make it all so much worse

We all go through highs and lows in life, but if there are ways to beat the blues, why not try them out?  

5. Spontaneity and Variety


Familiarity can bring comfort, but doing the exact same thing day in and day out can get boring. After all, variety is the spice of life!

Break your routine, by doi
ng something different. Pack a new lunch and take a new path to walk the dog.

Also, try to do something last minute. When was the last time you had an adventure?

Grab your partner or best friend and go ice skating, go to an arcade, go for a hike, explore a new beach, or hit the road!

4. Adjust Your Expectations


If you’re counting on the trip to the amusement park to be loads and loads of fun, you will set yourself up for major disappointment when you spend most of the time waiting in lines.

If you’re counting on your family vacation to make all of your troubles go away and then the subject of politics comes up and everyone gets angry, you’ll feel let down.

Just let it be. When you go of unrealistic expectations, you might actually enjoy yourself! You can allow yourself to have fun despite traffic, interruptions, arguments, etc. when don’t expect certain moments or events to be filled with joy.

3. Accept That Low Moods Are a Part of Life


It is impossible to be happy each and every moment. Some situations or people are bound to get under your skin.

It would be strange if you were able to keep a smile on your face through extreme stressors.

Try to accept that all of life can’t be easy and breezy. If you never felt any lows, you would never appreciate the highs.

2. Appreciation


Spend some time to appreciate all that you have.

Keeping a gratitude journal can boost your level of happiness. Write down what you’re grateful for and why. The sunny day, getting a call from your best friend, your mom’s home-cooked meal, your doggie, or your co-worker’s help on the project.

There is always something to be grateful for. Don’t take anything for granted!

1. Connection



Connection and community are so important. As humans, we want to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Whether it’s your family, your group of friends, a sports team, a club, or a campaign, get out there and find your tribe.

There are people who have similar interests who want to meet you! Online groups can be great, but try to get out and meet some people in real life.




Doing something spontaneous, adjusting your expectations, connecting to other people, accepting low moods, and appreciating all that you have can make a huge difference in your level of happiness.

If your low mood feels deep and endless please tell a loved one.

There is no shame in seeking help.

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