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5 Short-Term Gratification Activities You Should Completely Avoid

I created this blog of activities that will provide short-term gratification.

They will not allow you to reach your goals if you do in them frequently.

All of the activities are completely fine to do in moderation.

Many of us struggle with figuring out how much is too much. After reading this blog, I hope you’re able to look more closely at your life and gain some insight.

5. Shopping



In this society, we are taught that we need more stuff and things.

We think “maybe if I had more things, I’ll be happy.” It turns out that purchasing new items doesn’t satisfy us for long.

Eventually, we’ll want to buy something else. The need to consume more and more is never quenched.

4. Eating Junk Food



Mmm it’s so tasty! Sometimes all you want to do is reach for the Oreos.

But, as we all know, the sugar high fades and we’ll eventually crash. Plus, processed food is not doing anything beneficial for you long-term health goals.

In fact, it’s a direct detriment to your physical and mental health as well as weight loss goals.

3. Hitting Snooze



It feels good in the moment to get five more minutes of sleep, but you’re not getting that deep rest that you so desperately desire.

If you need to hit snooze to close your eyes for a few moments, go ahead.

However, attempting to fall back asleep will leave you more tired than if you just got up the first time your alarm went off.

I know it seems appealing, but you’re not getting into a deep sleep, so try not to hit snooze a million times.

2. Drinking Every Night



It’s so much fun to go out to bars with friends.

I’m not telling you to forgo these events. Doing this from time to time can be a wonderful way to let off steam and have some fun.

However, if you do it often, it can come between you and your long-term goals.

If you’re going to happy-hours after work every single day you might not have the motivation to work on those projects that you’ve always wanted to finish in your free time.

Try to maintain balance in your life and look at your patterns.

1. Checking Social Media



Checking your email, Facebook, or Instagram can give you a small adrenaline rush. When you get a notification, your brain feels an instant reward.

However, you won’t get the social connection you’re looking for when you’re behind your computer or phone screen.

You can waste a lot of time scrolling through the newsfeed. You wanted to write a blog, read a book, or study but instead you’ve spent the last 45 minutes scrolling through Instagram!


I hope this list of activities motivates you to reexamine your behaviors.

Try to have a life full of things that will bring you authentic happiness in the moment as well as activities that lend a hand at allowing you to achieve your long-term goals.

Do what makes you happy in life, but look at how it will affect your future as well. It’s a tricky balance that we’re all trying to figure out.

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