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5 Foods You Should Completely Avoid if You're Trying to Cut Stubborn Belly Fat

 Why isn’t the scale budging?

You’re eating nutritious meals and regularly exercising, so why do you still see a muffin top?

It could be because your diet consists of a few foods that make it nearly impossible to lose weight.

I made a list of five food/food groups that you should completely avoid when trying to cut stubborn belly fat to help you lose weight and feel more confident.

5. Soda


Soda is laden with added sugar, which can lead to excess belly fat.

Sugary beverages or any processed sugars can derail you from your diet plan and make it harder to lose any weight.

Stick to drinking water- it’s great for your health.

4. Dairy


Dairy can cause gas, bloating, and unwanted weight gain for people with lactose intolerance.

Surprisingly, many people are mildly lactose intolerant or sensitive to dairy without knowing it.

Dairy consumption for those who have trouble digesting it, can lead to inflammation in the body, water retention, discomfort, and negate any efforts to lose fat.

There are so many delicious milk alternatives. Try almond, hemp, or coconut milks instead.

3. Potato Chips


The crunch is so addictive, but in order to have a slim waist, it’s time to find an alternative.

Potato chips are coated with unhealthy hydrogenated oils and unsaturated fats to solidify them.

The copious amount of salt leads to water retention, which causes weight gain.

The trans-fats are exponentially high.

This type of fat causes insulin resistance, heart disease, high cholesterol, and weight gain to name a few.

Try eating a crunchy seaweed snack instead.

2. Alcohol


In addition to harming your liver, drinking too much alcohol can lead to weight gain.

The empty calories from alcohol are stored as fat in the belly and slow down your body’s natural ability to burn off calories.

If you want a smaller midsection, it’s best to go easy on the beer and sugary cocktails.

1. Fried Foods



As a kid, do you remember seeing someone at a carnival or a fair make you a funnel cake and it struck you how unhealthy fried food is?

Fried foods are filled with grease and fat. It is difficult for the body to digest fatty fried foods, like french fries.

This slow process of digestion, high amount of calories, and lack of any nutritional benefit can cause weight gain, particularly stomach fat.


I hope this list of foods that contribute to belly fat is informative.

Now that you are aware, you can omit these foods from your diet.

It might not be easy, but you will feel and look so much better once you cut them out.

You can finally lose that persistent belly fat and feel like the best version of yourself!

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