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5 Date Ideas for Venus in Aquarius

When it comes to dating, while we think we should be asking about a potential boo’s sun sign, we should actually look to their VENUS sign to understand how they “do” love—and how to pick out the best date ideas that will make them think that you were made for them because you seemingly know their taste so well!

Below are some ideas for your rebellious, humanitarian, and unique Venus in Aquarius lover.

5. Travel into Nature


Your Venus in Aquarius is most likely someone who cares deeply about the environment as well as social issues.

They have a sense of oneness of all living things, and will find peace at a quiet lake near some trees.

Going on a hiking trip, or going on an adventure under the sea would be a great way to explore our world, which they wish to save so much.

They love to engage in activities that engage both the body and mind, and being out in nature with a loved one will purify their senses while having a blast on an adventure.

4. Modern Art Museum/Showcase


Venus in Aquarius people love all things unconventional, and love to examine the weirdest, most uncharted territories.

Modern art is just the thing to tickle their ever-turning minds.

This will also give you a chance to show off your own intellect which will they surely find attractive, because they fall in love with people’s minds.

They are visual and cerebral, as well as futuristic and rebellious, so their aesthetic sensibilities will be inclined towards provocative modern art.

3. Farmer’s Market


One of the most lovable traits of a Venus in Aquarius person is their humanitarian spirit.

Spending an afternoon shopping and enjoying a farmer’s market, supporting the local economy, and interacting with various members of the community who contribute to our food’s production is a thought that is appealing to them because it makes them feel like they are helping a good cause by doing what they would normally be doing: eating!

They love the meaning behind this simple act, and would gladly spend their money this way, because they feel connected to the people who are producing their food, rather than anonymously buying food from one of America’s corporations.

The Aquarius is ruled by the notion of universal friendship and community, so this is a lovely date activity for two good-hearted humans to share.

2. Live Music Event (Alternative or Electronic Dance Music Festival)


Venus in Aquarius lovers are some of the most interesting types of people, and their music taste will definitely show this.

Venus rules our aesthetic sensibilities, so they will definitely enjoy music in different modalities than what the mainstream ear is used to. \

They are attracted to electronic music because they are technologically savvy and obsessed with futuristic, alternative forms of creation, as well as anything alternative from the mainstream in almost every genre.

They essentially have really cool taste—they are usually the ones who are showing their friends the newest “trippy-est” sounds.

1. Astronomy Night


Some people describe people with their Venus in Aquarius as almost “out of this world,” and some individuals may sense this about themselves—that they are simply very different from other earthlings, in the coolest of ways.

Contemplating the universe and everything in it is one of their favorite activities, so stargazing at night under a full moon or even looking at the planets through a telescope at a public observatory would be an incredible way to get their curious minds going.

Plus, any sign would agree that staring at the stars is just about as romantic you can get, am I right!


So there ya have it folks—while there are many aspects to consider in relationship astrology, knowing the placement of your lover’s love planet is surely helpful in determining their romantic tastes.

Venus in Aquarius people sure are really fun to date, because they are such interesting, quirky people!

Next time you are interested in someone, be sure to ask for their birthday so you can chart them and determine this important information!

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